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3T&T, based in Stevenage (Hertfordshire), is an Organization founded on a strong vision of achieving purpose and fulfilling divine assignment. Our mission first is to Charities, Christian Organizations, Bands, Groups, Concerts and then to the general Music Industry.

With our experience over the last 10 years, we discovered that most Christian Organizations & Charities in the UK have already conquered the challenge of providing an excellent musical atmosphere for all their Programmes and events. However, this is not always the case with regards to the smaller Churches/Chapels and Groups which are just beginning to grow and expand.


Our vision therefore since the business first began 6 years ago, is to reach out to those smaller Organizations and Charities, and make available musicians, singers, instrumentalists, teachers and technical engineers who are not always accessible to them.


As well as this, we are also committed to providing experienced Trainers, Producers, and Event Coordinators to assist in training, producing and coordinating the Music Statement whatever medium chosen, and setting up premises for the best musical experience.


3T&T Limited is a family-run business.