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Total Care and Service……..because you asked for it!
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The company was founded by Femi Akintobi in 2006. Prior to this time Femi had been working as a Music Director and instrumentalist since 1997. His experience has involved working with many choirs, churches and bands with a proven track record of development and training. Femi also began his early working career as a church administrator, working for 5 different churches, which he did alongside his Music Director duties.

His experience led him to discover the apparent disconnect between the significant demand for Music personnel in churches/bands and the actual people who are available to fill that demand. He therefore established this business in order to bridge that gap.


As Company Director, Femi sources new clients and recruits candidates. He generates new business for the company through marketing, advertising and employing the links and contacts that he has built up over the years. His Masters degree in IT provides him with the necessary skills to develop and maintain the computer systems and other IT requirements.

3T&T Limited currently provides services under the following 4 sections:

Music Agency
Supplying candidates with relevant skills and experience to fill vacant roles as determined by Clients


Music School
Provision of Training and Development packages for Individuals, Choirs and Bands/Groups


Music House
Music and Sound Production for Albums, Radio/TV Jingles, Concerts and Events


Music Rental
Flexible rental services for a wide range of music/sound equipment

Our collective vision is: "Total Care and Service....because you asked for it"